For farmers, damaged or inefficient equipment means lost money. We offer our agricultural customers superior parts and unparalleled lead times.

Drill Pro's state-of-the-art machine shop can fabricate:

  • Axles
  • Shafts
  • Pins
  • Adapters
  • More

We fabricate replacement parts and custom parts for agricultural business owners all across the area. We work closely with you to ensure our parts meet your exact specifications, and we only use the highest-quality materials.

Our experienced machinists use high-tech design software and equipment to produce parts for a large variety of farm equipment. If you need a custom or replacement part, we can produce it.

Custom and Replacement Parts

Our highly-trained team uses two Ganesh big bore lathes and a Haas VF5 Mill to produce both custom and replacement parts. And, we have one piece of equipment no other machine shop in the area offers-- our Big Bore CNC lathe can operate up to a 10" diameter.

In an agricultural operation, there's no room for production errors or shoddy workmanship. You depend on each piece of farming equipment you own, so we pay special attention to every single detail. Our manufacturing and fabrication process ensures our parts meet your precise needs.

Since we manufacture custom parts, we also provide full technical support for every piece we produce.

Rebuild and Repair

We can also rebuild and repair parts for your equipment. If the situation dictates, we can also provide on-site services.

If a failed or failing part is causing a holdup in your farm operation, contact us and we'll get you back in business. If a part exists, we can replace it with a new part or repair it-- and we can always meet your exact specifications.

You won't find better lead times anywhere, and both our team and shop are specifically set up to reduce your downtime.

Quality, Service, and Precision

We only use the highest quality materials for every job. Our parts are built to last-- their quality, precision, and expert craftsmanship ensure less change out and less downtime.

We offer affordable, competitive pricing and exceptional value for our agricultural customers.

Drill Pro offers quality, precision, and lead times that no other machine shop in the area can provide.

We don't stop at quality products-- we also deliver superior customer service, because your satisfaction and your successful operation are our top priorities.

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