The Drill Pro Break Out Bench is our signature product. This hammer break out bench is a completely self-contained maintenance and service station for your down the hole hammers.


The break out bench can be manufactured to multiple configurations, ranging from 110 volt to 220 volt, as well as a generator motor-powered unit. It can handle hammers ranging in size from 3" to 12" and breaks them with ease.

As with all of our products, Drill Pro only uses the highest quality materials and parts in both the break out bench's product development and manufacturing processes. We also offer full documentation and technical support, ensuring your operator's skill and speed will increase with continued use of the break out bench.

Extend Drill Steel Life and Increase Onsite Productivity

The Drill Pro Break Out Bench is economical and efficient. This specialized piece of equipment is ideal for performing routine hammer maintenance.

Due to its sturdy and streamlined construction, its full functionality, and the high quality of its structural materials, the Drill Pro Break Out Bench is an unparalleled resource for extending the life of your down the hole hammers.

By dramatically lessening downtime, this break out bench also helps increase productivity. Instead of using a forklift or overhead crane, the break out bench?s crane arm allows one person to lift the hammer onto the bench for maintenance. The operator can then break apart, service completely, re-assemble, and then torque the hammer to exact specification.

The Drill Pro Break Out Bench is carefully designed to save you on downtime and labor costs. If one of our break out benches can help with the efficiency of your site and the lifespan of your hammers, then contact us now.

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