Superior to contemporary rotary deck bushings, Drill Pro's All-In-One Deck Bushing offers these results:

  • Increased drill steel and bushing life
  • Decreased dust and debris on the deck platform
  • Reduced operation replacement downtime
  • Additional stabilization at deck level
  • Decreased vibration over other rotary deck bushings

Drill Pro's All-In-One Rotary Deck Bushing with attached Rotating Dust Deflector has been engineered, designed, and developed to increase drilling production, give you a safer cleaner work environment, and reduce maintenance and operating costs on your blast hole drills.

Produced with the highest quality grade steel and machined by Drill Pro International, Inc. the All-In-One Rotary Deck Bushing is specifically designed with a three channel ball bearing assembly with lock-in outer body, extended rotating inner sleeve, replaceable floating drop-in center bushing, and replaceable attached rotating dust deflector with live rubber.

Reduce Cost and Downtime

Because the All-In-One allows for quick replacement of the floating drop-in center bushing rather than the entire deck bushing assembly, drill rig operators experience a significant reduction in cost and downtime, longer life of the drill steel, increased penetration rates, and lower rig vibration levels. In fact, a single operator can quickly and inexpensively replace the floating drop-in center bushing and live rubber frame to continue the drilling process. This saves both time and labor costs.

The All-In-One Rotary Deck Bushing was engineered, designed, and developed for use on all blast hole drills. It was designed and built from a one-of-a-kind combination of state-of-the-art technology and mining expertise.

Built to Last

Drill Pro's All-In-One Rotary Deck Bushing outlasts the competition, and its features are not available in any other rotary deck bushing. It also costs a fraction of what a deck bushing costs, and minimizes production expenses, as compared to other rotary deck bushings.

This bushing can be modified or customized to whatever mining, drilling, or open pit mining project you have. Contact us today to get your quote.

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