Mining/Oil Fields/Gas

Drill Pro International Inc. has been serving the mining industry for over 30 years. Our custom machine shop fabricates bit and spindle subs, shock subs, stabilizers, drill steel, wrenches, and a wide variety of custom products for both blast and drill mining. We also produce and fabricate parts for customers in the oil field and gas industries. 

We've been working closely alongside our valued mining, oil, and gas customers since 1988, and we produce all of our products to our customers' exact specifications.

Our three decades of experience, our dedicated team, and our world-class machine shop allow us to build anything you need for your mining or drilling project. If you need it, we can fabricate it.

Custom Machined Parts

Drill Pro's highly-trained machinists use state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to design and build custom products for our mining customers' specific needs.

Unlike any other shop in the area, we employ a Big Bore CNC lathe that can operate up to a 10" diameter, along with another state-of-the-art Ganesh big bore lathe and a Haas VF5 Mill.

In the mining industry, there's no room for error or shoddy workmanship. Drill Pro is committed to excellence, and we pay close attention to every detail. This ensures that every part we manufacture is of the highest quality and delivers outstanding performance.

Since we manufacture custom parts, we also provide full technical support for every piece we produce.

Quality, Materials, Service, and Pricing

Our drill steel and supplies are superior to most others on the market. They last longer, and their high quality also results in less downtime and less change out.

Our prices are affordable and offer exceptional value.

All of this results in high quality, competitive pricing, and great lead times for our mining, oil, and gas customers.

Our commitment to quality doesn't stop at our product-- we also deliver superior customer service, because our customers' satisfaction has always been our top priority.

Rebuild and Repair

We also offer rebuild and repair services. And, in certain cases, we can provide on-site services. If parts are holding your job back, contact us and we'll get you up and running. If it exists, we can fabricate it or repair it-- to your exact specifications.

Our lead times are the best you'll find anywhere, and our shop and team are both optimized to greatly reduce your downtime.

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